Generation Plan MLM Software

Generation plan means purely product selling. Repurchase plan, gap commission plans also called generation plan. It’s basically product selling motivational multi-level marketing plan to motivate each promoter their down line to sale of products/ goods/ services and get more incentives and benefits on a fixed target achievement.

The concept of MLM Generation Planbasically for those companies/ organizations who are in the manufacturing sector of consumable products of daily use. At present competitive time, there is such a lot of competition in the market to sell their products.


Before planning to buy a Generation Plan MLM Software for your business, you need to know that what actually Generation MLM Plan is. Firstly Generation plan MLM is considered to be a powerful plan which can be paid many levels.

How Generation Plan MLM Works

A generation is a volume from up to down including people with the same and different ranks, age and gender. The working principle of generation plan can be understood by the below example

Suppose 16 levels with only 4 generations. So the amount that you can get will be more in first-generation and it will be reduced respectively when we go down. Like if you pay 10% to your first generation then only 6% for the second generation and 4% for the third generation and only 2% for the fourth generation.

The need for Best Generation Plan MLM Software

If you want to start a new MLM business, then you must have the best MLM software with a perfect generation plan which helps you to get success in your business. You can easily get a Best Generation Plan Mlm Software. At present time many mlm companies in India are providing custom mlm software and for that, they charged huge amount, but there are few good mlm companies who offers best affordable mlm software with very good functionality and user functionality. But to find such a type of company is a very difficult task. A Best Generation Plan MLM Software can be found only from the top class MLM Software Developer here at MLM Soft Online direct software selling gives a flexible mlm generation plan software according to the user's requirement with high-end features.

Our MLM Software Features

  • Standard and attractive Dashboard Design
  • Modification and Updated Themes
  • Full responsive
  • E-Wallet and E-Wallet Transfer
  • Business wallet
  • Multiple wallet
  • Integrated Rest API
  • Manage Multiple Users
  • Unlimited Members
  • Network and Team Explorer
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Automatic Payout
  • Multiple Currency Support
  • Multiple Payment Gateway
  • Multiple Withdrawal Options
  • Support Ticketing
  • Custom Rules for Ranking
  • Downline Listing and Management
  • Sponsored Members Listing
  • SMS Integration
  • Configurable Enrolment Fees
  • Business Turnover and Expenses
  • Configurable Compensation
  • Customizable Business Plan
  • Lead Capturing

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